Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Gun Control


The best thing about the United States is an individual can buy a semi automatic and keep the wolves in Government and media at bay. 

In an ideal world we would ban guns and selling weapons abroad but to start at home is a sign of electronic entrainment and a limited understanding of what happened to China and Germany when guns were removed from society. 

Gun control is peddled by the worst of the worst and the least informed swallow it spoon-fed and cheering for more.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Moloch Meta Mechanism

It is my view, and it's just an informed opinion that Vegas was the bifurcated deep state's coming out party. 

Some know, some don't want to know and the rest don't know.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Why Does Paul Joseph Watson Behave Like A Blackmailed Paedophile?

Las Vegas had multiple shooters. This video is the definitive explanation which leaves the question: Why do people like Paul Joseph Watson and Ed Opperman peddle mainstream media narratives? Thanks to Sean at SGT report for making this unambiguous.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Gloria Steinem - Lifelong CIA Actress

Rich Siegel on Facebook has written a wonderful post on Hugh Hefner that raises troubling questions for those of us who have spent time researching lifetime actors for social engineering at the CIA and so forth. I've emailed Joseph Atwill and he agrees it's worth exploring. I've also emailed Gloria Steinem but have yet to receive a response.

My comment as follows:

Charles Edward Frith Great post Rich. Well written and certainly raises a lot of questions whatever side of the debate. Many who have researched the social engineering of the 60's by reading Weird scenes inside the Canyon by Dave McGahon or Joseph Atwill's work on Gloria Steinem/Alfred Kinsey will have reservations about any person in the limelight and not working for the culture manufacturers at the CIA or Tavistock. While this information will create dissonance to the uninformed reader, it's just a fact that nothing of huge cultural importance gets past the manufacturers. It's documented that Steinem was a CIA lifelong actor and so it goes that if Hefner survived her onslaught it stands to reason that both sides of the dialectic are managed. A pornographic society and a feminist reactionary movement. One thing your post has done for me is to prompt me to write to Joseph Atwill via email just now, and ask how he can reconcile this tension given his work on the subject. As for me, I always thought Hugh Hefner was a bit sleazy for my taste though I enjoy looking at naked women and can distinguish between vile degradation of women and celebration of the beauty of the female form. Anyway, well done for a great thought provoking post. Here's Joe on Steinem. https://youtu.be/e_BodlSnUuc

Martin Screeton

Four months ago Martin Screeton on Linkedin claimed that the arsehole in the Whitehouse wouldn't last the summer.

Knowing a thing or two about politics I placed a bet with Martin that he would.

I made the small mistake of assuming there were 31 days in September so I waited till the first of October to cover the extra day. 

However, Martin has chosen not to honour our wager. 

It's not about the 50 bucks. It's about people who don't keep their word. If you need the money Martin, you could have just said you couldn't afford it. I'll delete this post if you pay the money into a Palestinian charity of my choice.